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Our Services

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A Safe Space For Healing

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Early Pregnancy

Preparation, guidance and education for a healthy start

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Mental Health

Utilize Screening tools EPDS & GAD 7. Warm referrals

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Client Text Support

To support clients with questions about pregnancy, postpartum & newborn care

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Physical Health

Promote a healthy pregnancy. Identify and manage clients risk for preterm & postpartum complications.

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Infant Feeding

Assistance with breast and bottle feeding. Guidance on weaning, RTW and child care

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Bloom Bundles

Hygiene, pregnancy & postpartum necessities (Houston)

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Education, Support, & Care

Pregnancy Support

  • Receive information about medications & medical conditions (diabetes, hypertension, thyroid).

  • Create birth and postpartum recovery plans

  • Discuss medical interventions and birth comfort measures

Postpartum Visit

  • Virtual Postpartum Care Support for clients in all 50 states

  • Home Visits available for West Houston, Texas

  • Family Health Assessment of both parent and newborn

  • Check vitals* and assess parent’s mental and physical recovery

  • Discuss your birth recovery expectations and challenges

  • Offer referrals to local pelvic floor PTs, chiropractors and more

  • Clients get access to our secure texting portal for 2 weeks post visit


*An automatic blood pressure will be shipped to you if you do not own one.

Women's Health

Gynecologic Surgery post-op care house calls are available for Houston area clients that have experienced a Hysterectomy, myomectomy (fibroid removal surgery) or miscarriage.


At the end of the visit you will receive a clear care plan and access to our secure care text line for 2 weeks

Nurse Nikki On-Call

Nurse Nikki On-Call is our premiere text support service. HIPAA-compliant, secure and accessible virtual support is right at your fingertips from 8am-10pm 6 days a week. Perfect for expecting (pregnant or adoptive), new (postpartum or adoptive) and lactating parents. 

  • Get your questions answered from day 1 until several weeks after giving birth. Nurse Nikki On-Call offers families ongoing pregnancy and postpartum support. Nurse Nikki provides evidenced-based resources and recommendations to help you make the health decisions that are right for your health and your family. Families will receive:

  • Have a question? Worried about something? Text or Nurse Nikki for answers and trusted advice.

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How Can We Help You?

If you are unsure where to start book a discovery call to learn more about our services and how they can benefit you. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with an honest assessment of how our solutions can help you thrive. We'll also provide you with an actionable plan to get started. Get in touch today and discover the possibilities!


Request An Appointment

We are paperless boo! You will receive access to consent and intake forms via our patient portal. Check your email for info about your visit. 



It's time to spill the tea. During your call or home visit we will answer questions, address concerns, & offer resources to help you thrive.


Receive Care and Support

You will receive a concise care plan catered to your needs. You will also receive access to our secure-messaging system for up to 1 week after your visit.

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